Dresses and Haikus

There are two completely unrelated things that I enjoy quite a bit.

They are dresses and haikus.

If you don’t know what a haiku is, it is a type of poetry. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the last one has five again.

I love haikus because you don’t have much space to write with and you are forced to be creative to fit what you want to say within the allotted syllables. They are short, sweet, and to the point. They are also often pretty funny and don’t always make sense (or maybe those are just the ones that I write…) but they make me smile!

As far as dresses, I just really like them.

So you may be wondering why on earth I have told you about haikus and now dresses. The answer is that today I am going to be sharing some fun dress haikus with you. These were all written by yours truly.

Disclaimer: I was pretty tired when I wrote them. I like to think that will make them more funny, but I guess you will have to be the judge of that.

So here goes!

When summertime comes

Dresses are my favorite

When twirling in sun.


When cold weather comes

Dresses are my favorite

When paired with warm tights.


Sometimes dresses go

With the most weirdest of things

Like a sombrero.


Cute dresses and skirts

Will wipe out my bank account

Thank goodness for sales!


Black and white dresses

And red and white striped dresses

Can I have them all?


Dresses over tights,

Dresses topped with cardigans,

Dresses full of joy!


That’s all I’ve got for now…hope these made you smile! Feel free to comment with a dress haiku of your own! It’s easy, just remember the five-seven-five syllable rule and have fun with it! 

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Layering Clothes

At any given time, someone can find me wearing three or four shirts at once.

Wait, what?


It’s called layering. And I highly recommend it.

I am by nature a pretty reserved, modest person. When it comes to clothes, too many trends seem to be going in the “less is more” direction. As in, less material means more attractiveness. As someone who doesn’t agree with that, it is quite difficult to find clothes that I feel comfortable in.

Which means it’s time to get creative!

Just because SO many clothes are low cut or land halfway down your stomach, you don’t HAVE to give in to that and dress as revealing if you don’t wish to do so!

How, you ask?

Enter layering!

Here are the basics of how it works.

Usually, the bottom layer is a cami or tank top of some sort. Sometimes it will be seen, sometimes it will not. If it will be seen, plan accordingly. More often than not, my bottom layer cami is usually white or black. Sometimes I throw a colored one on, and sometimes I use a white on the bottom then add a colored one on top as well.

Then, I usually have some sort of focal shirt plus a piece of online fashion jewelry. Usually this is the main statement of the outfit. It may be a scoop neck solid color shirt, an off the shoulders printed top, or a v-neck to name a few.

I usually top it off with a cardigan or jacket of some sort and search for online jewellery online for a great necklace online . If I’m wearing a white or black focal shirt, I will usually wear a colored cardigan. If I’m wearing a colored focal shirt, I will wear a colored one if I can find one that matches or a black cardigan if I can’t find a color that matches. I’m also a fan of jean jackets to pair on top with skirts, black slacks, or khakis.

I usually have people give me a hard time about wearing three shirts when I layer, but it is totally worth it. To not have to worry about checking how low my shirt is constantly is priceless. Plus, I think that adding extra little bits of color under a shirt is super cute! It’s to the point now that I feel like I look weird if I don’t have at least two shirts showing somehow, either a tank underneath a shirt or a cardigan over one.

I suppose one negative is that there is quite a bit more laundry involved when you layer on a regular basis. But for me, it’s worth it. Plus having more laundry to do means it gets done more often, which means that your favorite shirts will be clean again sooner than if you were only doing laundry every so often. And as a girl who definitely has my favorite pieces, that is a huge perk!

Don’t be afraid of layering up your clothes. It doesn’t have to be as hot as people claim it will be if you’re wearing three shirts in summer (I LOVE layering a couple of different sleeveless shirts and carrying a three quarter sleeve cardigan with me if I go into a building that’s cold.) and it can be a lifesaver to keep you warm during the winter!

How many layers are you wearing?

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An Eve will commonly take on more than she can chew, yet still manages to pull through. Loyal, outgoing, and down to earth, they like to acquire many skills. Their very name means life.

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Someone Else’s Clothes

The thought of wearing someone else’s clothes often has a negative connotation to it. When I was younger, I didn’t like “hand me downs” because I wanted my own things. Now, though, I get thrilled when a friend passes off a bag of clothes to me! Why? I have discovered the magic of new to me clothes.

I am as frugal as can be when it comes to spending money on clothes. See my blog post here ( We all have the heartbreaking stories ) about some of my shopping strategies to save some money in store.

However, even when you are getting great deals on the clearance rack, chances are not high that you can get a better deal than a bag of free clothes passed on to you from someone else, or super cheap clothes from a garage sale or thrift store?

Sound good to you? Here are some suggestions!

Find friends who are the same size as you.

When you have friends who are the same size as you, you can pass clothes on to each other when you are done wearing them. Another suggestion would be to get several together and have a “trading party”


where you all bring a certain number of pieces of clothing, everyone lays them out, and you can all take home as many of your friends’ pieces as you brought of your own old clothes!

There are also stores that take clothing donations and then sell them. I love these stores because you can always find a good deal. My favorite thing is finding nearly new brand name clothes for super cheap because someone wore them once or twice, decided they didn’t like it anymore, and donated it. Often these stores don’t seem to be organized very well, so you usually have to sort through a LOT of clothes to make sure you aren’t missing something you can’t live without. I have found, though, that it proves worth it when you weigh the savings!

Similarly, garage sales can be a great thing! People tend to have their stuff marked pretty cheap at these in an attempt to get rid of as much as possible and make at least a little money for it. Of course it is important to carefully examine clothes before you buy them (this is not true for only garage sales) to make sure there are not holes, stains, or rips. Sometimes though, if there are but you are handy with a needle and thread and deem said rip fixable, you can talk the person selling the item into giving you a cheaper price because of the imperfection.

Bottom line, there’s not too much that a washing machine can’t take out when it comes to claiming someone else’s old clothes as new additions to your wardrobe. Even if your friends are getting rid of items that are no longer in style, you can always just hold on to them for a few years…I’m sure they will be ‘in’ again soon! 

Image Image Image

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I l-o-v-e-LOVE Pinterest!

I l-o-v-e-LOVE Pinterest!


Have you checked out this wonderful phenomenon?

If not, here’s what it is.

Basically, Pinterest is a website that allows you to save things off of websites that you want to remember/try/pretend you are crafty enough to do. You can either save these things (also known as “pinning” them) from other people who have found them or by creating your own “pin” off of a website you find.


You organize your “pins” onto various “boards” which you can create for different categories. I have boards ranging from categories such as food, my future classroom, my future wedding, hairstyles to try someday, and, of course, fashion ideas.


My personal  boards has pins ranging from tutorials on how to make a pencil skirt out of the chevron fabric I recently bought to ideas on how to tie scarves. I know there are also people who use it to save outfit ideas, cute color combinations, or clothes they find online that they want to eventually buy.


I love that Pinterest opens up a community for sharing ideas! Another of my favorite boards is one on which I save various hairstyles that I would like to eventually try. People are so creative and I love that this is a way to be let in on the things they have created!


As you can see, I love braids right now. 🙂 My hair isn’t quite long enough to pull most of these off yet, but I can’t wait until it is!

If you haven’t signed up to try Pinterest yet, I would highly recommend it. I use it for so many things! As a wife, mom, student, teacher, volunteer, friend, you name it, there are ideas you can put to use from Pinterest, I guarantee it!

Admittedly, I do probably spend too much time surfing through pins. So consider this a warning – it is an addiction! I also tend to talk myself into thinking I am talented enough to do a lot of projects that I am not able to do…but I have also surprised myself with some of the things I HAVE done!

Happy pinning! 🙂

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The Maxi Dresses

The Maxi Dresses

The Summer I Fell in Love with Maxi Dresses

I am a pretty short person. As a twenty something, I stand 5 foot 2 inches tall. Or maybe I should say 5 foot 2 inches short. In fact, when I recently found out I had grown an inch from the 5 foot 1 I had been claiming to be for the past several years, I was a little more excited than I probably should have been.

For the most part I actually love being small. And when it comes to fashion, us size small people tend to have an advantage on some styles. (But fear not if you AREN’T a size small, each size has their own fashion styles that they rock better than the rest of us could ever dream of!) However, there was one fashion trend I was absolutely petrified to try as such a short person.

The maxi dress.

Source: google.com.au via Lavinia on Pinterest


I would walk through stores, see them hanging there, long and flowing with their bright, bold, incredibly gorgeous patterns and instantly be mesmerized. I would then snap back into reality as I looked at the length of the dress then looked at the length of my legs and realize there was no way that I could put that dress on and not be stepping on a yard of fabric which would surely be pooled on the ground.

Source: google.com.au via Lavinia on Pinterest


Fast forward about a year to this past summer. I was planning to take a trip to Southern India with a group from the college I was attending. In India, everyone is incredibly modest. It is their culture, a lot of it stemming from their religion. I’m sure you have seen the traditional Indian saris and other garments before and know that Indians like to cover themselves. (Which is something I think most other cultures can do a better job of! Please?) Because we didn’t want to offend anyone while in India, we planned to dress as similarly to their code of modesty as possible.

This meant, as you could probably see how this story was going, maxi dresses/skirts.

Oh man. One of my biggest fashion fears and I were being forced to confront each other. Not only did I have to try a maxi dress, but I was going to be wearing them every single day straight for almost three weeks.

Skeptically, I ordered a reasonably priced maxi dress from one of my favorite websites to buy clothes online from. I was just certain that my mom was going to have to cut a few inches off and re-hem it for me in order for me to even be able to walk in it. It eventually arrived and I decided to try it on and see how much work we were going to have to do on that hemline.

Much to my utter shock, the dress fit me perfectly. The hemline was right at my ankles, but not so low that I was stepping on it. I was instantly relieved as I realized that maybe this dress code wasn’t going to be so awful after all.

I slowly built up enough maxi dresses and skirts to get me through three weeks in India. I still wasn’t completely sold on them, thinking the length would still get in the way even if I wasn’t stepping on it.

However, this was the summer that I fell in love with maxi dresses.

India is hot. VERY hot. But being in a cotton maxi dress is the best thing I think I could have been in. They were light and flowy, comfortable, and allowed for a bit of a breeze. I’ve always been more comfortable in dresses than pants or shorts anyway, and I was pleasantly surprised that this carried over to maxi dresses as well.

Source: google.com.au via Lavinia on Pinterest


To this day, I still wear maxi dresses often. I have purchased more since returning from India simply to add to my everyday wardrobe.

Source: google.com.au via Lavinia on Pinterest


I tell you all of that to share this – don’t let a fashion style scare you because you think you can’t pull it off! I’m not saying that everything looks good on everyone. Because let’s be honest, it doesn’t. So sure, there will be times where you are right – that plaid button up shirt just isn’t made for your body.

However, don’t be scared to try! That’s what dressing rooms are for. Do yourself a favor and try things on that you aren’t sure how they will fit on you. Don’t be like me and just assume that you can’t wear a certain style for whatever reason. You might be surprised, I sure was!

Also, don’t be hard on yourself if something doesn’t fit you well. It doesn’t mean that you are shaped weird or fat or any of those lies us women tend to convince ourselves of. Just take a deep breath, remind yourself that everything isn’t made for everyone, and find something that IS made for you to rock! 


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A man can be short and du…

A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him.
Mae West.

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Why are women so much more interesting

Why are women so much more interesting

Quote by virginia woolf

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Do You Love Charlize

Do You Love Charlize

Charlize’s is cute, smart, funny girl with a nice personality that will always be there for you when you need her.

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Do You Know Amber

Do You Know Amber

A beautiful girl who is warmhearted, and is funny, cute, caring and loving you could think of lots of wonderful kind words to describe her.

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