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I work at a coffee shop and I absolutely love it. One thing I learned right from the beginning was that there were certain clothes that I simply could NOT wear to work if I ever wanted to wear them in public again. All of the coffee brewing, chocolate pumping, milk steaming, smoothie blending, and espresso tamping I do on a daily basis isn’t super friendly to a lot of the clothes I used to wear on a regular basis!

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I don’t know about you, but if you have a job that requires a different wardrobe from what you wear outside of work, it is difficult! We don’t have a dress code at my job, so I can wear whatever I want (within reason). This is nice, but I still have a completely separate work wardrobe and “days off” wardrobe.

For me, it is pretty much a terrible idea to wear anything white to work. While most of the coffee and syrups I get on me wash out, some do stain, especially when coffee finds its way onto the same shirts in miraculously the same places over and over again. I also do a lot of bending over to get things out of smaller fridges we keep below our counters, so I have to be careful what skirts and dresses I wear. In the winter time, I need to wear long sleeve shirts that have sleeves that will stay up because I have lots of dishes to do, which means I can’t have my sleeves sliding down into the water when I’m washing plates.

As a future teacher, though, I also know about the “professional” wardrobe requirements. I like dressing up, so looking nice every day won’t be a big problem for me. The problem is looking nice while also still being comfortable. When you’re working with 25 kids for eight hours a day, standing for most of that time, you want to wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in. For people who work in a corporate or office environment, I’m guessing that part of the interview process must be a test of how well you can walk in high heels while also wearing pencil skirts J. (I would certainly fail that test!) I like looking nice, but hats off to those of you who have to dress incredibly professional on a daily basis.

Do you have a job that requires any super weird clothing requirements? I’d love to hear about it! When you get home from work do you change out of your work clothes, or is it a waste of laundry?


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