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I got a package full of joy today…aka a box of jewelry from Lavinia Lee!

I just love all of the products that I got! I posted about the necklaces I received here and today I am going to show you the rest of what I got!

First up, this awesome set of bracelets!


Turns out that brown, navy blue, ivory, and silver go great with my mustard yellow cardigan! 😉 I have a job that requires me to do a lot of handwashing and dishes (I work at a family-run coffee shop and I LOVE it, but that’s not what we are here to talk about today :)) so I don’t usually wear a lot of bracelets.

However, for times that I’m NOT at work, these will definitely get some good use! Super pretty, super high quality, and just overall a product I would recommend!

I also got a super cute toe ring!


I foresee a lot of summer days where I am barefoot in the grass wearing this cute little guy! It’s very comfortable and have I said yet that it’s really cute? 🙂 If you’re looking for something for a preteen or teenaged girl in your life, or if you just want to help make your feet happier no matter how old you are, I would recommend one of these! SO fun!

(PS, like my nail polish color? Coral is one of my favorite colors as of late, so I was thrilled to find a pretty coral polish to adorn my toenails with as warm weather and sandals season is coming super soon!)

Haven’t ordered any jewelry from Lavinia Lee yet?

Go. Do it. Now!

You won’t regret it. Who doesn’t love reasonably priced, high quality, super gorgeous jewelry!? 


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Lavinia Lee Fashion Jewelry – French designed necklaces, bracelets, silver earrings, womens earrings, rings, belly rings, toe rings, jewelry wholesale is welcome.
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