Prepare yourselves.

I’m getting ready to say it.

The L-word.

The one you, I, we all hate.

Are you ready? Have you braced yourselves?

Here it goes:


Ugh. I’m cringing just thinking about it! I only take care of my own laundry and that is bad enough. I have a high amount of respect for moms who take care of an entire family’s laundry. I don’t know how you do it!

My mom taught me how to do my own laundry when I was around ten years old. For over ten years now, I’ve been washing, drying, sorting, and hanging my own clothes. She taught my siblings to do the same, so she’s been off the hook on doing laundry for five for several years now, smart woman. 😉

As time has gone on, I have gotten very particular about doing my laundry. It seems that when I start it then have to leave and someone finishes it for me I get pretty frustrated. I usually come home to all of my clothes shoved in a basket and getting wrinkled by the second or to find large necked tops hung on small hangers where they will surely fall off. So, my family knows that when it comes to helping me with my laundry I have a pretty strict “thanks, but no thanks” policy.

Those of us who like clothes, who like to layer, and who like to look good know that laundry is a rather unfortunate side effect of that. I don’t have a fool proof system, but I have one that works pretty good for me none the less.

It’s pretty simple.

First, as far as dirty laundry, I keep three baskets in my bathroom.


One for my whites, one for my colors/darks, and one for towels and jeans. This seems to work well because I can then wash one set at a time. I was finding that when I kept everything in one basket, the basket would be full and I would have one load of colors, one load of jeans, and barely enough whites to fill the bottom of the washing machine.

Having separate baskets works MUCH better for me because when my basket of colors is full, I know that I have a full load’s worth of clothes to do. The only downfall is that it takes longer to fill up a basket of whites, so they get washed less frequently and it takes longer to get things in that basket back into my closet circulation.

As far as clean clothes, here’s a look into my closet:


It’s not huge, and I would never be opposed to having a walk in (I had one as a child, and though I spent more time using it as a clubhouse, hiding from my parents, or curled up reading than I used it for clothes, I would still LOVE to have it back!) but it holds my clothes and that’s what matters!

I keep my clothes of the undergarment and pant variety in this lovely little contraption:


I used to have a big ol’ dresser, but I just didn’t have enough stuff to warrant having one taking up so much space. This little guy works perfectly for me. I also saw an idea on Pinterest to put decorative paper inside the clear part of drawers like these, so I did and it turned out much cuter than when you could see into the drawers!

I still dislike doing laundry. But this system seems to make it a little less stressful.

Oh, and occasionally I do have some laundry “help”…


Do you have a crazy awesome method to conquering laundry day? I’d love to hear about it! 


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