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I work at a coffee shop and I absolutely love it. One thing I learned right from the beginning was that there were certain clothes that I simply could NOT wear to work if I ever wanted to wear them in public again. All of the coffee brewing, chocolate pumping, milk steaming, smoothie blending, and espresso tamping I do on a daily basis isn’t super friendly to a lot of the clothes I used to wear on a regular basis!

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I don’t know about you, but if you have a job that requires a different wardrobe from what you wear outside of work, it is difficult! We don’t have a dress code at my job, so I can wear whatever I want (within reason). This is nice, but I still have a completely separate work wardrobe and “days off” wardrobe.

For me, it is pretty much a terrible idea to wear anything white to work. While most of the coffee and syrups I get on me wash out, some do stain, especially when coffee finds its way onto the same shirts in miraculously the same places over and over again. I also do a lot of bending over to get things out of smaller fridges we keep below our counters, so I have to be careful what skirts and dresses I wear. In the winter time, I need to wear long sleeve shirts that have sleeves that will stay up because I have lots of dishes to do, which means I can’t have my sleeves sliding down into the water when I’m washing plates.

As a future teacher, though, I also know about the “professional” wardrobe requirements. I like dressing up, so looking nice every day won’t be a big problem for me. The problem is looking nice while also still being comfortable. When you’re working with 25 kids for eight hours a day, standing for most of that time, you want to wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in. For people who work in a corporate or office environment, I’m guessing that part of the interview process must be a test of how well you can walk in high heels while also wearing pencil skirts J. (I would certainly fail that test!) I like looking nice, but hats off to those of you who have to dress incredibly professional on a daily basis.

Do you have a job that requires any super weird clothing requirements? I’d love to hear about it! When you get home from work do you change out of your work clothes, or is it a waste of laundry?

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I think it is pretty easy to agree that packing is one of the worst parts of travelling!

With many airlines starting to charge insane fees for checking baggage, it becomes a big deal to try and cram as much as possible into carry on bags in order to try and skip that extra fee. Today I’m going to give you an idea on how to pack for a ten day trip in a carry on bag!



First off, I did pack ten days worth of undergarments. I’m not going to show you a picture of that, but I want you to know – I did pack them in there so this is an accurate representation! 

Second, I started with two pairs of jeans. I figure it’s pretty easy to re-wear jeans a couple of days if needed. I went ahead and rolled the jeans up as tightly as possible to save space.


I also packed five dresses. When packing as light as possible, dresses are easy to roll up and don’t weigh much. If you aren’t a dress wear-er, you could substitute these five dresses for maybe some khaki Bermuda shorts or another pair or two of jeans pretty easily.


I also added a pile of camis and a couple of cardigans that go with about everything in my suitcase…


As well as five shirts to go with the jeans.


I topped it off with three pairs of shoes – my TOMS, a pair of flip flops, and a pair of nicer sandals. You can also wear another pair of shoes, cardigan, necklace and jeans that can also be worn again later in your trip to save you some space! 🙂


As you can see, I didn’t pack make-up, things to take care of my hair, towels, jewelry etc. There are usually outside zippered pockets that can be put to use, as well as still a decent amount of room inside for adding these things. You are also usually allowed a personal item in addition to your carry on, so put that to good use as well!

It should be no problem to pack ten days of clothes for one person in your carry on. Rolling your clothes seems to work best for saving space, and you just can’t overpack. Which is hard for me! 😉 But, rest assured knowing it CAN be done! Don’t pay the extra fees if you don’t have to…spend that money enjoying something extra on your vacation!

Happy packing! 

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jewellery store

I got a package full of joy today…aka a box of jewelry from Lavinia Lee!

I just love all of the products that I got! I posted about the necklaces I received here and today I am going to show you the rest of what I got!

First up, this awesome set of bracelets!


Turns out that brown, navy blue, ivory, and silver go great with my mustard yellow cardigan! 😉 I have a job that requires me to do a lot of handwashing and dishes (I work at a family-run coffee shop and I LOVE it, but that’s not what we are here to talk about today :)) so I don’t usually wear a lot of bracelets.

However, for times that I’m NOT at work, these will definitely get some good use! Super pretty, super high quality, and just overall a product I would recommend!

I also got a super cute toe ring!


I foresee a lot of summer days where I am barefoot in the grass wearing this cute little guy! It’s very comfortable and have I said yet that it’s really cute? 🙂 If you’re looking for something for a preteen or teenaged girl in your life, or if you just want to help make your feet happier no matter how old you are, I would recommend one of these! SO fun!

(PS, like my nail polish color? Coral is one of my favorite colors as of late, so I was thrilled to find a pretty coral polish to adorn my toenails with as warm weather and sandals season is coming super soon!)

Haven’t ordered any jewelry from Lavinia Lee yet?

Go. Do it. Now!

You won’t regret it. Who doesn’t love reasonably priced, high quality, super gorgeous jewelry!? 

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Ever wonder about the origins of words? I certainly do. Right now I’m trying to figure out why they came up with the name of necklaces for those beautiful things we hang over our necks. I can’t imagine that lacing your neck would be a good thing at all, so I’m sure glad that necklaces are (for the most part) more pain-free than I imagine lacing your neck would be!

Oh, hey, speaking of necklaces, let’s talk about those today!

Necklaces are one of my FAVORITE accessories because it is SO easy to use them to dress up an outfit! On the very rare occasion that I wear a t-shirt I usually wear a necklace with it too because it makes me feel at least a little more classy. I also love what they can add to nice outfits too. There are fewer days that I don’t wear a necklace (if I’m not wearing a scarf) than those I don’t.

Today I’m going to show you some of my favorites, along with a top I might wear them with. I don’t have a ton of necklaces, but I love that the ones I do are pretty easy to wear with about anything!

The first one, that I am wearing today!, is probably the one I wear most often.


This long strand of black beads is a great go to to add just a bit of something to an outfit. I usually wrap it twice, like this, with the loops ending at different lengths. Simple, small, and nothing flashy, but I at least thinks it makes an outfit look a little better.

I love, love, love this elegant set of gold/cream colored beads with the beautiful flower added to it!


I think it is SO pretty and goes with a lot of different outfits. So elegant!

This next set is one of my newer necklaces.

I got it on clearance for super cheap and I LOVE it!


I get so many compliments, and it again goes with about anything I could want to wear it with! It can dress an outfit up, or go with an everyday outfit really easily as well.

These next three necklaces are my new ones that I just got from Lavinia Lee today! I LOVE them and can guarantee that I will get a ton of use out of them! They are very beautiful and very high quality. So excited about them and the other pieces I got too (which I will share in another post!).

The first one is this bea-UUUU-tiful white necklace!


I can GUARANTEE that this will be a huge part of my spring and summer wardrobe this year! How fun and beautiful is it? And it will go with ANYTHING! So excited to wear it with bright, spring colors and fun tank tops!


This next one is also incredibly functional.


It’s pretty heavy duty and I love the little glam and sparkle that it adds! I foresee it draped over many-a black shirt, charcoal dress, white shirt and cardigan combos, and formal dresses in it’s lifetime! 😉

The last one is totally gorgeous as well!


I love the different sizes of beads, different tiers, and the beautiful finish on the beads. Definitely incredibly classy for anyone who has to dress like a professional on a daily basis!

Have a good day as you drape your neck in sparkly joy! 

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Prepare yourselves.

I’m getting ready to say it.

The L-word.

The one you, I, we all hate.

Are you ready? Have you braced yourselves?

Here it goes:


Ugh. I’m cringing just thinking about it! I only take care of my own laundry and that is bad enough. I have a high amount of respect for moms who take care of an entire family’s laundry. I don’t know how you do it!

My mom taught me how to do my own laundry when I was around ten years old. For over ten years now, I’ve been washing, drying, sorting, and hanging my own clothes. She taught my siblings to do the same, so she’s been off the hook on doing laundry for five for several years now, smart woman. 😉

As time has gone on, I have gotten very particular about doing my laundry. It seems that when I start it then have to leave and someone finishes it for me I get pretty frustrated. I usually come home to all of my clothes shoved in a basket and getting wrinkled by the second or to find large necked tops hung on small hangers where they will surely fall off. So, my family knows that when it comes to helping me with my laundry I have a pretty strict “thanks, but no thanks” policy.

Those of us who like clothes, who like to layer, and who like to look good know that laundry is a rather unfortunate side effect of that. I don’t have a fool proof system, but I have one that works pretty good for me none the less.

It’s pretty simple.

First, as far as dirty laundry, I keep three baskets in my bathroom.


One for my whites, one for my colors/darks, and one for towels and jeans. This seems to work well because I can then wash one set at a time. I was finding that when I kept everything in one basket, the basket would be full and I would have one load of colors, one load of jeans, and barely enough whites to fill the bottom of the washing machine.

Having separate baskets works MUCH better for me because when my basket of colors is full, I know that I have a full load’s worth of clothes to do. The only downfall is that it takes longer to fill up a basket of whites, so they get washed less frequently and it takes longer to get things in that basket back into my closet circulation.

As far as clean clothes, here’s a look into my closet:


It’s not huge, and I would never be opposed to having a walk in (I had one as a child, and though I spent more time using it as a clubhouse, hiding from my parents, or curled up reading than I used it for clothes, I would still LOVE to have it back!) but it holds my clothes and that’s what matters!

I keep my clothes of the undergarment and pant variety in this lovely little contraption:


I used to have a big ol’ dresser, but I just didn’t have enough stuff to warrant having one taking up so much space. This little guy works perfectly for me. I also saw an idea on Pinterest to put decorative paper inside the clear part of drawers like these, so I did and it turned out much cuter than when you could see into the drawers!

I still dislike doing laundry. But this system seems to make it a little less stressful.

Oh, and occasionally I do have some laundry “help”…


Do you have a crazy awesome method to conquering laundry day? I’d love to hear about it! 

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Ask a man about women, and something that is likely to appear on the list is shoes. Women have this reputation of loving shoes and having way too many.

For me, I have tiny tiny tiny feet. So, I have a bit of a difficult time finding shoes. Which is probably good, because if I could walk into any store and find about any style in my size I would be in trouble. Since that’s not the case, I’m not much of a shoe addict.

Today, I want to share with you what I think the top five important styles of shoes for any fashionista to have are. This is, of course, just my opinion as these are the shoes I wear most and see most useful when dressing to look good.

Feel free to chime in with your own suggestions as well!

My first shoe necessity is boots.


I have a pair of black boots and a pair of brown boots. Let me rephrase that. I have two or three pairs currently of the same black boots because I wear them SO much that they barely make it through the season. I also happen to LOVE them, and they were reasonably priced, so I have a few back-up pairs for when my current pair wears out!

Where to begin with boots? I wear them with skinny jeans, I wear them with dresses and skirts, I wear them with leggings and tunics. Pretty much all fall and winter you can find me in boots, scarves, cardigans, and either skinny jeans or dresses and leggings. They are super comfortable and super cute! Mine go up about mid calf and I think that is a good place on my short little legs.

If you don’t have a good pair of boots, find one! Get them and wear them. Your cold weather wardrobe will never be the same. And you will be grateful.

Second, ballet flats.


I have flats in several different colors, but these mustard yellow ones are my current favorites. I find flats to be pretty comfy and there is a lot less of a chance that you will trip and make a fool of yourself as opposed to the chances when you are wearing heels.

They are pretty cute and can be pulled off in any season! I have also found flats to be usually pretty fairly priced. Which is ALWAYS a perk!

Up next, cute heels.


I’m not a big fan of big ol’ crazy high heels. I seriously look like a fool trying to walk in them. If you have mastered that, you are my hero and you deserve to rock them. For the rest of us, though, I recommend something more along the lines of the shoes I have pictured above.

These little guys just have a tiny, cute heel that serves not much more of a purpose than slanting your foot a bit and giving the authoritative “click” that comes when you walk on hard ground in heels.

I think it’s important to have at least one good pair of heels for when you need to look extra dressy. I don’t wear these very often, but it is nice to have them for occasions such as interviews, important meetings, and weddings. Plus, when I do wear them, I secretly love hearing that “click, click, click” as I walk on tile. It makes me feel respectable.

Fourth, every lady needs a good pair (or more than just one!) of awesome sandals.


I’m not talking flip flops (though they are wonderful!) here, I’m talking sandals with a sole and straps that look sort of classy even. In the spring and summer time, my boots wearing turns into sandal wearing. As often as I wear boots in the fall and winter, I wear sandals during warm weather about the same amount of times.

They are quick and easy to put on and run out the door in. I like to say I have claustrophobic feet because I get antsy if my feet are cooped up in tight, closed shoes for too long (I HATE tennis shoes!) so free, open sandals are GREAT for me!

Finally, I would highly recommend a pair of TOMS for your closet!


TOMS is a company that sells shoes and for every pair of shoes bought, one pair is donated to a child in need. You can purchase them online in the US as well as in Australia! These shoes are incredibly adorable, go with about anything, and SUPER comfortable. I have a job where I am on my feet on concrete floors for several hours a day, and my TOMS are life savers.

If you don’t have a pair, I’d suggest getting one. I started with a simple, solid colored pair. I still wear them often. I also have another solid colored pair. Plus you are supporting a good cause!

Shoes are really important. I’ve learned the hard way that not wearing good, supportive shoes can lead to back problems and fun things like that. Even getting a pair of insoles to put in your less supportive shoes can help quite a bit. Because trust me, as someone who had major back problems before she was twenty, it is NOT fun.

I will save you from all the shoe puns I’m thinking up right now and just tell you to have a good day!


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As much as I like fashion, my hair drives me bonkers.

Like, seriously.

I have quite the dreams for my hair on my Pinterest

 but I wonder if I will ever pull them off.

I usually keep my hair fairly short, usually somewhere around this length:


I usually let it grow out to about here


Then chop it off a bit.


The longest it’s been in as long as I can remember was several years ago:


I’ve done a few different things with it, including a couple of perms:


But for the most part, I’m just pretty boring. My usual hair routine is to wash it, blow dry it, then flat iron it. I’ve recently started using my flat iron to do a curl at the front of one side of the flat hair or when I put it up, just to add a little bit of extra to it.


I am, though, trying to grow my hair out so that I can do some of the super fun updos and such that I see people doing all the time. I have a crazy fascination with braids right now and would love to be able to pull of something like this:

ImageI felt like I should write a post about hair, just because it seems to go along well with fashion. But I’m going to be honest – I am not an expert on it. At all.

For starters, to show how much effort (ha!) I put into my hair, this is what it looks like right now. Side ponytails are one of my favorite go-tos.


So,  I’m not the best pro at hair styling. And I probably never will be. But, now you know how I do my hair if that was important to any of you!

What are your favorite styling go-tos?



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End Of Financial Year Sale

End Of Financial Year Sale

Hi everyone we are having a sale on 20% Off Everything till the end of June
Coupon Code: LL00012

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Brandi is an amazingly awesome girl. She is a wonderful listener and always there for her friends.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold

I am a pretty quiet person and don’t like drawing a lot of attention to myself.

So when I walk through a store and see clothing like THIS:


I am pretty instantly turned off. Not wanting to draw attention to myself usually means not wearing something as bold as that.


That shouldn’t be the case! I have learned to not be afraid of big, bold, crazy, way out there patterns and colors! Instead, a fashionista wannabe can embrace these crazy designs and actually make them look pretty classy!

How, you may ask?

Trust me, it takes swallowing your better judgment when you are purchasing these crazy things you would never purchase otherwise. I am constantly battling with myself because I try and talk myself out of purchasing neon colored shirts or some pretty out there dresses.

However, it’s not too hard once you get out of the store!

Actually, it’s really pretty simple.


Tone it down with something neutral and soft.


For example.

If I was to wear that dress/shirt/ whatever it’s supposed to be up above, I would pair it with black leggings, ballet flats, a jean jacket, a side messy bun, and a cute necklace. Suddenly, a crazy party dress has turned into a cute everyday look that is not as overpowering and outlandish.

Neutral whites, creams, browns, and black cardigans also work great for softening and toning down crazy pieces of clothing. When you wear a cardigan over a shirt, you see a lot less of it. Most of the crazy clothing patterns out there are actually pretty tolerable if they are just peeking through a little bit.


Animal prints are great, but they NEED to be paired with something! Otherwise you might look more like a zebra than you’d like! J Again, jackets and cardigans work great for making these classy and more tolerable.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid of clothes! By some super fun pieces. Buy things that make you a little bit uncomfortable. And  have fun with them! Make them into outfits you ARE comfortable in, outfits you love, and outfits that you will get a ton of compliments on! 

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